I migliori schermi per PC gamer

Best PC monitor which one to buy

PC monitors are typically LCD panels with LED backlighting, the most established current technology in the production of these products. They have a long list of technical features which can sometimes be difficult to read. In fact, numerous models are available on the most diverse price ranges.Now let’s talk about resolution, certainly the most relevant and discussed aspect of a monitor. Resolution is the number of pixels present, very small squares capable of changing color that make up the display as a whole. The higher their numbers, the more detailed the image.These resolutions are structured around the 16: 9 standard currently the most popular aspect ratio. In practice, this feature defines the shape of the display, representing the same rectangular shape regardless of the resolution used. This helps in particular to view the contents in a similar way on any display. However, there are other variants, some of which we will mention later, but which are in fact a minority.

Samsung C24F396

This monitor boasts a curved 23.5 ″ VA panel with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) and refresh rate at 60 Hz. It has HDMI and VGA video inputs with HDMI cable included and does not have integrated audio. This entry-level curved monitor from Samsung promises a more pleasant and immersive experience in using your PC.

Samsung S22E200B

For those who do not need high quality or for the office, this inexpensive 22-inch samsung monitor may be the best choice.
It has a rather low price and its compatibility with many input sources make it a very competitive product.
It is Energy Star certified for low consumption, and also allows you to activate the eye-saver mode to protect your eyesight, after several hours of use. It is also compatible with VESA sockets, you can practically remove the pedestal and hook it to a wall or to a support.

Samsung C27F591FD

The colors are very bright and thanks to the curved screen both has a better perception of depth. The details are very accurate and the edge is very fine.The activatable game mode will allow you to play your favorite titles without having to be distracted by those annoying trails, as the screen will dynamically change contrast and frequency.


Monitors with 32-inch panels are still little considered, due to the fact that they still have a rather high cost compared to all the other sizes, and also because it starts to be quite large, at least that you don’t have a very deep desk.

Dell Ultrasharp 38

The Dell Ultrasharp 38 is a 21: 9 monitor dedicated to professionals, which offers excellent image quality, thanks to the IPS panel with WQHD + resolution (3840 x 1600). Additional features like ComfortView ensure less eye strain even after longer work sessions. The integrated USB hub allows you to expand the connectivity of your PC, so you can connect even more devices simultaneously.