best case for pc.

best case for pc

This guide is entirely dedicated to choosing the best PC cases, which contains the container of all components. Its task is precisely to protect internal components from knocks and external agents, but also to guarantee an excellent air flow for their dissipation. We will explain its characteristics and which are the best products currently on the market. If you want to see the houses designed specifically for video games, they are available on the page of the best casinos; below we will mainly deal with a general public.

In addition to the functional side, the case also depicts the main aesthetic factor of a PC. There are many brands operating in this sector, resulting in an immense supply of houses. Precisely for this reason it is easy to find oneself disoriented and undecided about which product to buy.

Unlike many PC components that have to meet rigorous design and size standards, houses are given some flexibility and creativity. The requirements for the internal layout are simple enough to follow, leaving many details to be defined in the hands of the manufacturer. Despite the similarity of many products on the market, it is possible to find houses with truly unique designs. But let’s get back to the bottom line.

How to choose the perfect PC case?

Everyone has their own needs and tastes, but there are some fundamental aspects to consider in the case PC selection process. First you need to establish the hardware that will go inside and consequently you can think about the size of the case.

Not only to contain the various components, but also to ensure that this hardware has the necessary cooling and offers the correct expandability. There are different house formats, but three are the most popular: Mini-ITX, Mid Tower and Full Tower. These houses are somehow related to the format of the installable motherboard.

As you have already understood, in a Mini ITX case it will be possible to host only motherboards in that format. The case has a form factor so compact that space is reduced to a small amount, thus allowing you to insert a dedicated video card of not too large dimensions and the bare minimum. A format that allows you to prepare game configurations, but more generally it is suitable for home and office PCs that need to take up little space.

The Mid Tower format is the most popular among PC cases as it offers a good compromise between expandability, air flow and size. This is what is most popular among players, as it allows you to install micro-ATX and ATX cards (some even of the EATX), install multiple video cards, storage and cooling solutions, even liquid radiators.

Full Towers allow you to install EATX motherboards, in addition to the smaller sizes and offer a lot of expandability, as well as positions to install fans, radiators and whoever has more. In general, full tower houses are purchased by enthusiasts with high performance hardware, or those who want to create a powerful workstation that needs a good air flow to cool multi-core processors, video cards that must render for a long time and so on. Street.

As a consequence of the size of the case, the selected hardware and your choices on the cooling front (number and type of fans, liquid or air heatsinks for the CPU, etc.), the issue of flow of air also comes into play air, which must be of a good standard to avoid overheating of the components and therefore their functioning below expectations, if not a sudden breakage.

Other elements in the choice of the PC case are linked to aesthetic tastes and other particularities: the desire to have a side panel in tempered glass, the desire to have a case with elements with RGB LED lighting and other peculiar characteristics such as the connectivity of the front panel. So the choice is yours, but if you don’t want to think too much here are some tips ready for you!

Cooler Master MasterBox MB511

MasterBox MB511 is a classic case in shape, spacious internally and compatible with all the main motherboard formats, from the ATX standard up to the small ITX. Mainly made of metal and plastic, it has 7 expansion slots, a pre-installed extraction fan, compatibility with radiators up to 360 mm in length, a mesh front panel and a price that is between 50 and 60 Euros.

Corsair Carbide 275R

The Corsair Carbide 275R supports ATX, micro ATX and mini ITX motherboards, offers seven expansion slots and has two pre-installed 120mm Corsair SP120 fans, one front and one rear, although there is room for up to six fans. Obviously in those positions you can insert radiators of compatible liquid systems. You can install video cards up to 37cm and CPU heatsinks up to 17cm.

The front panel highlights the absence of a 5.25-inch slot, while there are four 2.5-inch solution slots behind the motherboard tray and two 3.5 / 2.5-inch slots under the cover of the power supply. Outwardly there are two USB 3.0 and headphone and microphone jacks. There is also a side panel in tempered glass and cover for the power supply compartment (there is a dust filter and standard solutions up to 180 mm can be accommodated).

Thermaltake View 71 TG

Let’s move on to houses of a certain level, what do you say? View 71 TG is one of the most updated models in the Thermaltake product range: tempered glass on each side, Full Tower dimensions, predisposition for glass GPUs and 3 RGB fans already included. Not to mention the provision for radiators of practically any size and ample space for custom liquid systems. The price? About 160 Euros.

Phanteks Evolv Shift Air

Phanteks Evolv Shift Air is among the most intriguing solutions for a vertically oriented ITX build, a design that, with the presentation of the Xbox Series X, is becoming increasingly popular among manufacturers. The case boasts a simple but captivating style, typical of the Phanteks Evolv line, simplicity of assembly, good ventilation and internal capacity worthy of an ATX system. Certainly 140 Euros are not a few, but Evolv Shift Air aims at the high end of the market, succeeding very well in its aim.

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