Best heatsinks for PC

What’s better than being cool? Keep the components of your PC cool. Joking aside, before ordering the best processors for your PC, you need to buy a CPU cooling unit, as you will need it to build a good gaming PC.

After all, keeping the CPU at a low temperature will increase your system’s performance, not to mention its longevity.

The heat sinks that you will find in our guide vary in size, noise and price; finding the perfect cooler for your build depends on your components, your budget and your overclocking needs.

Fortunately, if you have to save money, you can still choose a product with good performance, since the price of many air coolers is not particularly high.

If you don’t mind spending, however, you can treat yourself to a luxurious high-end liquid heatsink, bringing the “frost” into your build.

We will help you find the perfect heat sink for your needs with this practical guide; we have collected some of the best CPU coolers on the market, using our experience on PC components.

And since we have tested these heatsinks ourselves, we can assure you that they are all good purchases. Also, with our price comparison tool, you will make a good deal every time.

How loud should a heatsink be?

One of the main reasons for investing in a CPU cooler is to reduce noise from the PC.
If the case is placed on the desk near you, it is better to indicate a sink less than 30 dB.If you have the PC positioned under the desk, then you can afford a little more noise, say around 35db, and you would have a product which is already completely unnoticeable in a domestic environment.Otherwise, if you work in a very noisy office, you will not hear any noise unless it exceeds 40 dB.

How interesting are CPU coolers?

All modern CPUs have a built-in sensor to make sure it never overheats, causing a drop in temperature in the event of an overload until it returns to normal.
Overheating generally occurs in those cases where the temperature exceeds 90 ° C, although this varies from one chip to another.
Any heat sink that can keep the CPU below 70 degrees is already doing a good job, below 60 degrees it is fantastic.
In those situations, a good heatsink should remain almost totally silent by keeping the CPU a few degrees above room temperature.

What are liquid coolers?

For years, the recognition mark for a true nerd and PC enthusiast has used water cooling.
Generally less noisy and more efficient than the aerial one, it is also nice to see when it is well done, but it is really difficult to install, it can lose water and it is very expensive.
In addition, fairly inexpensive air coolers also usually do a good job and remain very quiet.

Be Quiet dark rock pro 3

Be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3 is a very large and high-end heatsink, but with impressive performance and almost zero noise.

The heatsink is fantastic: finished in black, with aluminum decorations on the part of the fan. In addition, it is a little smaller than the Noctua NH-D15, although it measures 150 x 137 x 163mm, it is still large enough to be a heat sink.

The cooling power is excellent, being this the most effective heatsink we have tested after the Noctua.

It is also the quietest, touching only 33.9db at maximum operating speed.

There is however a problem: complicated installation. Not only do you need to screw it through 4 points, instead of two, use hex screws for this connection.

This means that it is not possible to simply use a long screwdriver to reach them, there is a need to strive to be able to tighten each screw in an inexplicably frustrating way.

But there is to say that the heatsink is excellent, so once installed you can forget it, because it does an excellent job.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo

The Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo is one of the most popular heat sinks on the market, there is a good reason.
It is certainly possible to control the way in which the motherboard supplies the current voltage to the heat sink and therefore make it work faster, thus making it more performing than Raijintek. The extra heat pipes will also serve some purpose.
By default, since the two manufacturers use it, Raijintek offers a better compromise between cooling and noise.

Noctua NH-U12S

The Noctua NH-D15 is a large heatsink that cools amazingly and is extremely quiet. Obviously these wonderful features make you pay.

Given its size of 165 x 150 x 161mm it will not be easy to get it into some houses. It is therefore necessary to take the measurements well before buying it.

The noise level is well below 34db. It is not the quietest of those we have tested, but the second.

Despite its size, it is quite easy to install. Use crossbars that attach via two simple screws. All you need is a screwdriver long enough to get there.

It is quite expensive, but it is the price to pay for having the best heatsink on the market. If you don’t want to rely on water cooling, or all-in-one heatsinks, this is the best you can buy.

In conclusion

The market for CPU coolers is very large and can cause some confusion for those approaching it for the first time.

Whether you choose the cheapest or the Noctua, if you rely on this list the final choice will still be excellent because we have selected only the best CPU coolers of 2020. Despite the differences in performance they are all very quiet and efficient.

There is no need to look further, make your choice now, your CPU will be grateful to you.

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