Best keyboards

Best keyboards

A small list of all the keyboards you are looking for here. They are the best in the sector for the year 2020

Now the choice in this sector is very rich and there are many manufacturers who offer excellent quality keyboards. In this review we are going to bring you the best mechanical and non-mechanical keyboards, wired and wireless, cheap and expensive; in short, if you are looking for a new keyboard, this buying guide should be right for you. Those who spend many hours on the computer know how much having a good keyboard under their fingers can make so much difference. Choosing the best keyboard for your needs can bring a lot of benefits, in terms of both work speed, ergonomics and why not, also of tactile and aesthetic feeling. Even the best cheap keyboards that we report are able to satisfy those looking for something more than the basic model from home / office, while among those gaming you will also find some models that will be well suited for business use.

Coolermaster MasterKeys Lite L

A membrane keyboard that has little to envy to high-end alternatives. The construction and materials quality, although made entirely of plastic, is in fact very good and there are interesting features such as RGB lighting, adjustable in color and effects , removable caps and numeric keypad.

Corsair K70

Corsair’s K70 is one of the best mechanical keyboards we can recommend. It is an apparently rather conventional keyboard but a couple of precautions make it very interesting. First of all, it offers a wide range of choices in terms of tactile feedback.

Logitech G413

Logitech’s G413 is the company’s entry level mechanic, but it has many features erected by Logitech’s top models. Upper panel in aluminum, mechanical switches with proprietary Romer-G technology, interchangeable caps and USB port for sticks and various accessories.