I migliori microfoni

How to choose the PC microphone

PC microphones is a very large market in which the needs can be the most varied. Try to imagine every time you have been able to attend a show, listen to the radio, watch TV. Hearing all the recorded sounds is possible thanks to a microphone, an object that is only apparently simple. How much should you spend? It depends. If the purpose is to chat with your friends, make video calls or amateur recordings, it is not necessary to spend more than 70-80 euros. If, on the other hand, the goal is to create a podcast, make direct, record a musical instrument, your own voice while singing, then you will have to go higher, exceeding 100 euros very easily.

AmazonBasics microphone

AmazonBasics is the line of inexpensive electronic products but with the excellent quality / price ratio of Amazon. Perfect for anyone without professional needs, even for video calls, business calls, home schooling and much more.

Razer Seirēn X

Razer’s microphone is probably the best alternative in the mid-range. With a cost just over 80 euros at a good compactness, it manages to provide both a small footprint and above all a good audio quality.

Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti has always been an icon in the world of USB condenser microphones. Much better known than his younger brother Blue SnowBall, he quickly became the reference point for streamers and YouTubers, but also for various professionals in the audio and music sector, thanks to the possibility of being able to set the type of recording between cardioid (therefore frontal) , bidirectional or omnidirectional, it adapts to both studio recording and interviews. A device also beautiful to look at, with a refined design and available in various colors.


Rode needs no introduction regarding audio recordings. The NT-USB is one of the best microphones currently available and with a noteworthy equipment. In fact, the package provides a practical tripod with compact dimensions and an anti-pop filter, which allows even more precise voice recording