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Best mouse pad

What is a mouse pad? The mouse pad is practically a flat cloth, rectangular in shape, which serves to improve comfort for those who use the PC a lot.

What are the best mouse pads?

In fact, there are not many factors to consider in choosing the best mouse pad for your needs, and most of them are also quite simple. But let’s go in order.

For a player, the best brand of mats is the one that makes models designed to guarantee high performance. In these cases, utmost care is taken in developing extremely reactive surfaces to the mouse sensors so that each movement immediately corresponds to the movement of the cursor on the screen: the result of a game may depend on this. In reality, each player has its own playing characteristics and some mats are built in such a way as to favor maximum speed. At other times they have a stiffer textured surface that is better suited to gamers who prefer to have more control. There are even models sold with a base and two different surfaces that the player can choose from time to time. Gaming mats are the best in terms of stability because they have an incredibly stable and non-slip base; they must be absolutely immobile, otherwise the mat could move in a delicate moment and jeopardize the final result.

Trust GXT 209 Gaming Mat, Large Format

The captivating aesthetics of the mat makes it ideal for all gamers who care about having their own presentable and aggressive gaming station. The mat adheres perfectly to the desk, so it will not slide off even during the most heated games where sometimes you have to handle the mouse with a certain speed. Among the qualities highlighted with greater satisfaction by the players is the perfect adherence to the desk, due to the high-quality non-slip bottom that keeps the mat firmly on the surface. Even the keyboard remains quietly in place without ever moving, while the mouse flows fluidly on the soft surface which is very comfortable even for the wrist and hands. The edges have high-level seams that prevent fraying and guarantee durability over time. Absolutely recommended product and among the most sold on the market. Trust always offers gaming accessories with the right value for money and, even in this case, expectations are not disappointed. For this we have added its model in our guide to choose the best mouse pad, of which we see what are the pros and cons below.

Razer Firefly Hard Edition Rigid Finish Mat with Micro Texture

The upper surface has a micro-texture finish that ensures precision, uniformity and speed: every movement of the mouse is instantly translated into a movement of the cursor.
Maybe it’s not the cheapest mouse pad out there, but being a Razer signature, you should have expected it. Gamers, however, usually don’t pay much attention to expenses, especially when it comes to high performance. We conclude the review with a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the product. Video game lovers will appreciate the mat cover that allows you to use the mouse DPS to the fullest. Therefore ideal for playing FPS or RTS especially in online games.

Corsair Mm200

As can be expected from Corsair, this is a well-built and well thought out product. Provides an extended padded area optimized to move precisely with the mouse. The pad is large enough to easily contain a standard-sized keyboard and still offers ample space for using the mouse.

Asus Rog Scabbard

More than a “desk mat” than a gaming mouse pad, the Asus Rog Scabbard is certainly huge. It can hold the laptop with keyboard and mouse, along with other accessories you have around. It has a non-slip Rog red rubber base and a sheathed surface for maximum mouse control. Asus has even tested the temperature down to -30 degrees although it is not recommended to sit in front of the PC below zero.

JETech Gel Mouse Mat

The JETech Gel Mouse Mat is an excellent ergonomic mouse pad, made with a perfect gel so as not to tire the wrist. The lower area is in fact designed to rest the wrist on a particular very soft area, while the surface guarantees optimal mouse scrolling.

Ray tracing. Che cos’è?

In computer graphics, ray tracing is a rendering technique for generating an image by tracing the path of light as a pixel in an image plane and simulating the effects of its encounters with virtual objects.

In the last months in the gaming field there is a lot of talk about ray tracing, a rendering technology that in the future should take the place of rasterization. For now we are talking about hybrid rendering, with the use of ray tracing only for some aspects in video games, as the technique is very heavy to manage, so it is not possible – at the moment – to render entirely and in real time the whole ray traced scene.

Algorithm overview

Optical ray tracing describes a method for producing visual images constructed in 3D computer graphics environments, with more photorealism than ray casting or scanline rendering techniques. It works by tracing a path from an imaginary eye through each pixel of a virtual screen and calculating the color of the object visible through it.

Ray tracing scenes are described mathematically by a programmer or visual artist (typically using intermediate tools). Scenes can also incorporate image and model data captured with media such as digital photography.

Typically, each beam must be tested for intersection with a subset of all objects in the scene. Once the closest object has been identified, the algorithm will estimate the light entering the intersection point, examine the material properties of the object and combine this information to calculate the final color of the pixel. Some lighting algorithms and reflective or translucent materials may require more rays in the scene.

At first glance it may seem counterintuitive or “backward” to move the rays away from the camera, rather than towards it (as real light does in reality), but doing so is more efficient than many orders of magnitude. Since the vast majority of light rays from a given light source do not reach the viewer’s eye directly, a “forward” simulation could potentially waste a large amount of calculation on light paths that are never recorded.

Therefore, the shortcut taken in ray tracing is to assume that a given ray intersects the frame of the view. After a maximum number of reflections or a ray that travels a certain distance without intersection, the ray stops traveling and the pixel value is updated.

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Minecraft and raytracing

Minecraft RTX includes path traced reflections, lighting, shadows, materials and more with specific properties. This contrasts with what has been seen in other games such as Battlefield V, Metro Exodus, Control and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare which, due to excessive consumption of resources, use a hybrid approach. An artificial intelligence mechanism, in these cases, identifies specific parts of the playing area in order to apply selected effects. In Battlefield V, for example, we had only the reflections in Ray Tracing, while in Metro Exodus only the global illumination, with a relative visual improvement. In Modern Warfare or in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Ray Tracing is only about shadows.


As we have seen in relation to photographs with various titles, the impact of ray tracing – from a graphic point of view – is currently variable. There are titles that benefit more than others, such as Battlefield V and Control. The differences in Call of Duty Modern Warfare are more subtle. Minecraft, on the other hand, totally changes the graphic experience thanks to path tracing, creating a decidedly much more realistic game environment than the original.If you are looking for a new video card for your computer and you have no particular budget problems, investing in a GPU with ray tracing support can only be a good choice. As we have seen in recent months, the stock of securities able to take advantage of this technology is becoming ever wider and is destined to grow further with the advent of next-gen consoles.

I migliori schermi per PC gamer

Best PC monitor which one to buy

PC monitors are typically LCD panels with LED backlighting, the most established current technology in the production of these products. They have a long list of technical features which can sometimes be difficult to read. In fact, numerous models are available on the most diverse price ranges.Now let’s talk about resolution, certainly the most relevant and discussed aspect of a monitor. Resolution is the number of pixels present, very small squares capable of changing color that make up the display as a whole. The higher their numbers, the more detailed the image.These resolutions are structured around the 16: 9 standard currently the most popular aspect ratio. In practice, this feature defines the shape of the display, representing the same rectangular shape regardless of the resolution used. This helps in particular to view the contents in a similar way on any display. However, there are other variants, some of which we will mention later, but which are in fact a minority.

Samsung C24F396

This monitor boasts a curved 23.5 ″ VA panel with Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) and refresh rate at 60 Hz. It has HDMI and VGA video inputs with HDMI cable included and does not have integrated audio. This entry-level curved monitor from Samsung promises a more pleasant and immersive experience in using your PC.

Samsung S22E200B

For those who do not need high quality or for the office, this inexpensive 22-inch samsung monitor may be the best choice.
It has a rather low price and its compatibility with many input sources make it a very competitive product.
It is Energy Star certified for low consumption, and also allows you to activate the eye-saver mode to protect your eyesight, after several hours of use. It is also compatible with VESA sockets, you can practically remove the pedestal and hook it to a wall or to a support.

Samsung C27F591FD

The colors are very bright and thanks to the curved screen both has a better perception of depth. The details are very accurate and the edge is very fine.The activatable game mode will allow you to play your favorite titles without having to be distracted by those annoying trails, as the screen will dynamically change contrast and frequency.


Monitors with 32-inch panels are still little considered, due to the fact that they still have a rather high cost compared to all the other sizes, and also because it starts to be quite large, at least that you don’t have a very deep desk.

Dell Ultrasharp 38

The Dell Ultrasharp 38 is a 21: 9 monitor dedicated to professionals, which offers excellent image quality, thanks to the IPS panel with WQHD + resolution (3840 x 1600). Additional features like ComfortView ensure less eye strain even after longer work sessions. The integrated USB hub allows you to expand the connectivity of your PC, so you can connect even more devices simultaneously.

I migliori microfoni

How to choose the PC microphone

PC microphones is a very large market in which the needs can be the most varied. Try to imagine every time you have been able to attend a show, listen to the radio, watch TV. Hearing all the recorded sounds is possible thanks to a microphone, an object that is only apparently simple. How much should you spend? It depends. If the purpose is to chat with your friends, make video calls or amateur recordings, it is not necessary to spend more than 70-80 euros. If, on the other hand, the goal is to create a podcast, make direct, record a musical instrument, your own voice while singing, then you will have to go higher, exceeding 100 euros very easily.

AmazonBasics microphone

AmazonBasics is the line of inexpensive electronic products but with the excellent quality / price ratio of Amazon. Perfect for anyone without professional needs, even for video calls, business calls, home schooling and much more.

Razer Seirēn X

Razer’s microphone is probably the best alternative in the mid-range. With a cost just over 80 euros at a good compactness, it manages to provide both a small footprint and above all a good audio quality.

Blue Yeti

Blue Yeti has always been an icon in the world of USB condenser microphones. Much better known than his younger brother Blue SnowBall, he quickly became the reference point for streamers and YouTubers, but also for various professionals in the audio and music sector, thanks to the possibility of being able to set the type of recording between cardioid (therefore frontal) , bidirectional or omnidirectional, it adapts to both studio recording and interviews. A device also beautiful to look at, with a refined design and available in various colors.


Rode needs no introduction regarding audio recordings. The NT-USB is one of the best microphones currently available and with a noteworthy equipment. In fact, the package provides a practical tripod with compact dimensions and an anti-pop filter, which allows even more precise voice recording

The best gaming headphones

Good gaming headphones can literally make a difference, especially for those who play online on competitive games.

Since there are dozens of different models online (and many Chinese ones), in this guide we have classified what we believe are the best gaming headsets for PCs and consoles.

There is a reason why many gamers decide to invest in one of the best gaming headsets. To create a truly immersive atmosphere while playing the best PC games, you need more than a powerful gaming PC and an excellent gaming monitor. High quality sound when playing is as important as what we have in front of our eyes, and the best way to get fantastic sound is to use one of the best headsets for gaming.

Corsair HS35

To open the section for cheap gaming headphones for less than 50 euros I chose a Corsair model from 2019. For years now, Corsair has been gaining more and more fans in the gaming world as regards headphones and peripherals in general.

Omen 800

The HP Omen 800 are inexpensive gaming headphones that have carved out their place on the market thanks to their comfort, good price / quality ratio and audio that is worth all the € 40 / € 45 you spend to buy them


The Logitech G PRO are headphones for PS4 but also for PC and XBOX thanks to the 3.5mm jack connection that makes them compatible with all consoles. Unlike the other Logitech models, this line is much simpler and cleaner and the headphones are not equipped with Surround.

The large and comfortable pavilions are covered with imitation leather, however it is possible to replace them with pavilions in sports fabric for summer game sessions. The leather pavilions offer greater acoustic insulation, the fiber pavilions offer better breathability.

Corsair H60

The Corsair H60 are headphones compatible with all gaming platforms you can imagine. They support PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and even mobile devices. They use pavilions with high precision 50mm drivers, capable of offering excellent dynamic range and high precision in the sound message


There is a world behind audio devices, I hope one day to have time to deepen the guide to choosing the best gaming headphones, today we have seen how to clarify the ideas on what type of product to look for, in the next guide I will try to deepen the technical part .

Best keyboards

Best keyboards

A small list of all the keyboards you are looking for here. They are the best in the sector for the year 2020

Now the choice in this sector is very rich and there are many manufacturers who offer excellent quality keyboards. In this review we are going to bring you the best mechanical and non-mechanical keyboards, wired and wireless, cheap and expensive; in short, if you are looking for a new keyboard, this buying guide should be right for you. Those who spend many hours on the computer know how much having a good keyboard under their fingers can make so much difference. Choosing the best keyboard for your needs can bring a lot of benefits, in terms of both work speed, ergonomics and why not, also of tactile and aesthetic feeling. Even the best cheap keyboards that we report are able to satisfy those looking for something more than the basic model from home / office, while among those gaming you will also find some models that will be well suited for business use.

Coolermaster MasterKeys Lite L

A membrane keyboard that has little to envy to high-end alternatives. The construction and materials quality, although made entirely of plastic, is in fact very good and there are interesting features such as RGB lighting, adjustable in color and effects , removable caps and numeric keypad.

Corsair K70

Corsair’s K70 is one of the best mechanical keyboards we can recommend. It is an apparently rather conventional keyboard but a couple of precautions make it very interesting. First of all, it offers a wide range of choices in terms of tactile feedback.

Logitech G413

Logitech’s G413 is the company’s entry level mechanic, but it has many features erected by Logitech’s top models. Upper panel in aluminum, mechanical switches with proprietary Romer-G technology, interchangeable caps and USB port for sticks and various accessories.

Best gaming mouse

Gaming Mouse.

The type of game also determines what are the main features to look for in a gaming mouse: if you are an MMO enthusiast you will probably be looking for a product with a good number of programmable buttons, while if you prefer FPS or TPS your ideal gaming mouse must be light, with an extremely precise sensor and with a wide range of PPE. The world of gaming mice is populated by many solutions and it is often not easy to find the ones that best suit your needs: a lot depends on the type of grip (claw, palm or fingertips), on the titles you usually play and how much you are willing to spend to buy a new gaming mouse.

SteelSeries Rival 710

The first gaming mouse in our guide is the Rival 700. Produced by the famous SteelSeries, a company that has particularly distinguished itself in recent years to earn a very high estimate from many professional eSport players. Other technical details of the Rival 710: it is a modular mouse, with RGB lighting, 7 buttons, OLED display, with maximum DPI of 16,000 with the optical sensor and 8,000 with the laser one (the laser sensor can be purchased separately).

Asus ROG Spatha

Spatha certainly belongs to the head line of the ROG of Asus (Republic of the players) thanks to its many interesting features: futuristic the possibility to customize the LED light effects on the wheel, on the buttons and on the ROG logo. Lighting effects that can also be synchronized with other ROG brand products such as motherboards, graphics cards and Asus keyboards. Asus ROG Spatha is equipped with 12 buttons programmable through the Asus ROG Armory software. The main buttons use Omron switches rated for an average cycle time of nearly 20 million clicks. The laser sensor reaches a maximum of 8200 DPI, with a polling speed of about 2000 Hz. Fantastic ergonomics for long gaming sessions.

Logitech G903 Lightspeed

This gaming mouse proposed by Logitech seemed to us one of the most powerful and brilliant on the market. We just have to move on to the analysis of the pros and cons. We think there is nothing more to say.

Razer DeathAdder Chroma

The 10000 DPI optical sensor is capable of reaching speeds of 200 inches per second and accelerations of 50 g. In addition, thanks to the Razer Synapse 2.0 software it is possible to monitor an incredible amount of technical game data: such as statistics and the heat map.

Logitech G203

The 8000 DPI optical sensor is certainly not the best on the market, but for those who do not make the game their profession, but just a fun way to share their time with others is more than enough.
Furthermore, the 16.8 million colors of RGB lighting make it satisfying from a graphic point of view, recovering, at least in part, the handicap of simple design.

Best gaming chair

Best gaming chairs

Stai cercando una delle migliori sedie da gioco perché sembrano più fresche di una sedia da ufficio standard e perché tutte le migliori stelle filanti le hanno. Ovviamente non è importante per la configurazione del tuo PC come collegare una delle migliori schede grafiche del tuo rig, ma una sedia eccezionale può durare per anni e offrire un supporto molto importante per la tua colonna vertebrale durante quelle lunghe sessioni di gioco.
La migliore sedia da gioco per te e la tua schiena dipenderà da una serie di fattori. Se non ti piace l’estetica delle moderne sedie da gioco con schienale alto e preferisci qualcosa di più tradizionale. Con le sedie da gioco, diversi modelli possono contenere diverse altezze e pesi, quindi assicurati di controllare la tua vestibilità. Vedi anche la larghezza e la profondità del sedile. Alcune sedie sostengono che dovresti essere in grado di sederti a gambe incrociate, ma ciò dipende davvero dalle dimensioni e dalla lunghezza delle gambe. Per quanto riguarda il design della sedia, il supporto lombare è vitale. Le migliori sedie hanno un supporto integrato, che aiuta il tuo corpo a mantenere una postura ideale, anche se molti hanno cuscini di supporto lombare che possono anche funzionare bene. Anche i braccioli multi-regolabili, la tappezzeria e lo stile generale sono importanti. Alcune sedie sono sedili in stile racing molto appariscenti e altre sono più silenziose,
Certo, le sedie da gioco possono sembrare un po ‘esagerate con l’estetica del sedile da corsa, ma il meglio fornirà un buon supporto per la schiena e ti aiuterà a mantenere la postura, anche quando sei seduto a una scrivania per ore di lavoro o di gioco. Se hai speso ore e migliaia di dollari per scegliere ogni parte di un PC da gioco estremo, dovresti dare la tua scelta alla sedia la stessa considerazione.

Price range: 50 € / 100 €

The padding and lining improve, while remaining economical, increase the adjustments and improve ergonomics. In this price range we can find a gamer chair with discreet quality materials.

Price range: 101 € / 200 €

In questa fascia di prezzo possiamo trovare una sedia gamer con materiali di qualità discreta.

Price range: 201 € / 300 €

In this price range we start to find good quality gaming chairs, the high density foam padding and the qualitatively valid coating guarantee a longer duration over time.

Price range: € 301 +

A gamer chair in this price range is a high quality model, with high-density cold molded foam padding that guarantees its shape for up to 12 years.